1. Create a new document in illustrator, I made mine at 840px by 550px.
    Draw a box using the rectangle tool (M) to cover your artboard, and choose your first color. This will be the background. I chose a dark, muted green color (#477281).Chevron_Step_1
  2. Now we’ll make the first line of our pattern. Select the Line Segment Tool (\), then hold down the shift key while you draw a straight line across the top of your artboard, just overhanging the artboard a bit on each side. Select the ‘Stroke’ palette and enter a larger number to create a thicker stroke, here I’ve used 45pt. Now change the stroke color to the second color you’d like to use, I went with a lighter greenish teal (#84BBCD) to contrast nicely with my background.Chevron_Step_2
  3. Next we’ll make the lowest line of our pattern. Make a copy of the top line (option-drag or copy and paste) and place it at the bottom of the page.
    Select both lines, then use ‘Horizontal Align Center’ in the top tool bar to make sure the lines are aligned.Chevron_Step_3
  4. Now we need to make more lines! A quick way to do this is to use the ‘Blend’ Tool to make copies between the lines. First, double click on the Blend Tool icon Blend_Tool in the left tool palette to bring up its options palette, and enter these settings (or experiment with your own!). Here you can control how many lines your chevron pattern will have.
    Then, with your cursor select the first point of the top line, and then the first point of the second. This will add a blend – which is a set of copies between the two objects.

  5. Now choose Effect > Distort and Transform >Zig Zag and enter these values into the zig zag option palette:
    Chevron_Step_5Play around all you like with the stroke weight, blend copies and zig zag settings until you are happy with the result, then select everything on the pasteboard, and hit Command + G to group them together.
  6. Create an empty box using the Rectangle Tool (M) the same size as your pasteboard (840x550px) and place over the top of your chevron pattern, aligned to your pasteboard. Select your grouped chevron pattern and the empty box, then click Object > Clipping Mask > Make. This will crop off the overhanging parts of the pattern and voila! You have your very own chevron background!

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