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  • Seventies_Summer_Graphic_Styles_Cover
  • Seventies_Summer_Graphic_Styles_1
  • Seventies_Summer_Graphic_Styles_2
  • Seventies_Summer_Graphic_Styles_3
  • Seventies_Summer_Graphic_Styles_4
  • Seventies_Summer_Graphic_Styles_5

64 groovy 70s summery graphic styles, inspired by vintage tees, old surf posters and bygone summers. Get the vintage throwback effect on your type the easy way.

  • 42-Duotone-Gradient-Maps-Cover
  • 42-Duotone-Gradient-Maps-1
  • 42-Duotone-Gradient-Maps-2
  • 42-Duotone-Gradient-Maps-6
  • 42-Duotone-Gradient-Maps-3
  • 42-Duotone-Gradient-Maps-4
  • 42-Duotone-Gradient-Maps-7
  • 42-Duotone-Gradient-Maps-8

42 Gradient Map adjustment layers to quickly get that awesome duotone look by placing your artwork in the psd file provided and turning the gradient map layer visibility on or…

  • paper-craft-photoshop-layer-styles
  • PAPERCRAFT_3_1200x708
  • PAPERCRAFT_2_1200x708
  • PAPERCRAFT_4_1200x708

Turn your designs into beautiful paper collages in photoshop with one click! Includes 50 paper styles, plus one overlay style to instantly turn your designs to paper.

  • sand_type_photoshop_effect
  • sand_type_cover_thin_1200x708
  • sand_type_cover_medium_1200x708
  • sand_type_photoshop_effect

Write in the Sand with Photoshop with one click. Select a text layer and run the action for instant sandy scribbles!

  • Victorian Photoshop Effects
  • Victorian Photoshop Effects3
  • Victorian Photoshop Effects4
  • Victorian Photoshop Effects2

12 Vintage Nineteenth Century type effects for Photoshop CS6 to CC17. Simply add your text to the smart layer provided, and skip all the crosshatching and layering!

  • Photoshop Coffee Cup Mockup DesignDell

Simple coffee cup mockup for Photoshop CS6 to CC17. Uses smart layers to achieve a realistic focus blur. 2560x1440px, 300dpi.

  • wood-burn-photoshop-effect
  • WoodburnPhotoshopEffect_DesignDell
  • woodburncover5-1200×708
  • wood-burn-photoshop-effects
  • woodburncover2-1200×708

Give your designs a rustic touch with these realistic woodburn photoshop effects for Photoshop CS6+. Uses smart layers.

  • Loose Glitter Photoshop Actions
  • Loose Glitter Photoshop Actions
  • Loose Glitter Photoshop Actions
  • Loose Glitter Photoshop Actions

Create realistic loose glitter text effects without the mess! Includes 12 different colored glitter actions 45 glitter brushes to add your own glittery spills and smudges 10 sparkle brushes to…