• 650 Essential Vector Geometric Patterns
  • 650 Essential Vector Geometric Patterns2
  • 650 Essential Vector Geometric Patterns3
  • 650 Essential Vector Geometric Patterns4
  • 650 Essential Vector Geometric Patterns5
  • 650 Essential Vector Geometric Patterns6
  • 650 Essential Vector Geometric Patterns7
  • 650 Essential Vector Geometric Patterns8
  • 650 Essential Vector Geometric Patterns9
  • 650 Essential Vector Geometric Patterns10
  • 650 Essential Vector Geometric Patterns11
  • 650 Essential Vector Geometric Patterns12
  • 650 Essential Vector Geometric Patterns13

650 ESSENTIAL Vector Patterns

Introducing the Essential Pattern pack!

Ever wished you had ONE pattern set with all of the basics you’ll ever need? This is it! Load it into your presets and never hunt for a basic pattern again. No more searching for a diagonal line pattern here, a halftone there.

All the basics, all the variations!
Chevrons, halftones, horizontal lines, wavy lines, dotted lines, grids, straight lines, lines in all directions, in all weights!

Geometrics Galore
As well as the basics, you’ll get a whole bunch of useful geometric patterns, some bold, some subtle!

Change colors
Change color in seconds in Illustrator using global swatches

Uses live strokes on lined geometric patterns
If the pattern uses lines, edit stroke weight to you liking using the pattern editor

Turn background on or off to make the pattern transparent
Patterns are carefully organised into layers to allow for quickly knocking out the background so you can overlay the pattern over whatever background you wish!

No Illustrator? no problem!
I’ve included all patterns as different tile formats including .EPS, .PDF, .JPG and .PNG, so you can use them in any program that tiles patterns and can open those formats.

Photoshop Patterns included
Want to use them in Photoshop too? of course you do! I’ve saved them all as a pattern swatch library in Photoshop for your convenience! These ones aren’t vector however, but they are high-res, transparent background, and ready to apply!
Photoshop CS6+ only.


  • 650 Ai Pattern swatches, conveniently laid out in one Ai document ready to load, or copy-and-paste into your own document. works best in Illustrator CC2014 up to recent versions
  • 650 High-Res Photoshop Patterns in a .PAT file, black with a transparent background
  • 650 .EPS Tilable Vector Pattern Swatches
  • 650 .PDF Tilable Vector Pattern Swatches
  • 650 .JPG Tilable Patterns, 800px x ~800px
  • 650 .PNG Tilable Patterns, transparent background, 800px x ~800px
  • Instructions PDF – using illustrator patterns can be a bit of a learning curve, so i’ve included a handy how-to PDF to get you started.
  • I hope you find these patterns as useful as I have! Happy designing!